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Part Buddha, part prize-fighter (or so he’s been described), Hutson hails from Cleveland, Ohio, the city of bad jokes and tragic sports stories. As such, having a thick skin is simply part of his DNA. So, you could say Hutson was built for a career in advertising.

He started his career at JWT Chicago, working on all the brands he grew up eating and learning from some of the best minds in the business. From there, his path would crisscross him around the country with stops in Vegas, Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia and eventually back to Chicago.

Perhaps, it’s the years spent reading Eastern Philosophy and studying martial arts and yoga, or, maybe it’s simply an understanding of how to motivate and inspire drawn from his own experience as a creative with the pressure of deadlines looming. Regardless, Hutson brings the unique ability of guiding his teams down the right path without telling them what to do. Through encouragement, respect, patience and drops of insight sprinkled here and there, he supports and pushes his teams to find the solution on their own. It is in this method, that he has found people will push past their doubts and go outside their comfort zones to create great work.

It’s this poise, demeanor and way in which Hutson leads that inspired one co-worker to write, “…he is a rarity-a calm and encouraging presence, a creative rock to lean on. A creative rock that holds the creative team together and motivates its work into late nights and past the obvious solutions. A creative rock that comforts the client and seamlessly invites new business…”

 Welcome to the Tao of Hut.