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I can’t think of a time I didn’t want to be in this business. I love what I do. Even as a kid, I would ask my family to be quiet during the commercials so I wouldn’t miss a thing.

I started my career at JWT Chicago, working on all the brands I grew up eating. 20 years later, a little less wide-eyed, and with significantly less hair, I’m still as pumped to get to work creatively solving problems as I was when I started.

I bring passion, vision and a true collaborative approach to creating engaging brand stories across digital, traditional, social and shopper. An art director by lineage, I also write. Being ambidextrous by nature, it came naturally and just seemed to make sense. It also makes my parent’s happy that I’m not completely wasting my journalism degree.

Along with my ability to create work that works, is my ability to guide, mentor and inspire those who work for and alongside me. Every place I’ve been, I’ve raised the level of the work, attracted and retained talent and won new business. We've also managed to take home our share of awards.

I’m looking forward to bringing my personal “tao” to new challenges. You can find me at or at 215-313-3165.